Wojciech Orzechowski

Businessman, investor and mentor. Thanks to making wise investments in real estate he became a rentier already at the age of 37.

Author of the Invest in Real Estate Workshops – WIWN.pl®. Author of the books “Make Money on Real Estate,” “Everything You Need to Know About Real Estate Flipping – 200 Questions Answered” (currently available in Polish only) and a board game called “Rentier”, which is a simulation of real estate investment. He has been invited to participate in popular TV programs in TVN, Polsat and DOMO+ as an expert on the real estate market. Member of “Stowarzyszenie Mieszkanicznik” (Association of Property Renters), also a frequent speaker at their conventions (WIWN.pl received the status of a Gold Sponsor during the 2018 convention). Member of the Global Investor Club and speaker during the most important events. Invited to speak to members of scientific clubs at the University of Łódź, Warsaw School of Economics, Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Wrocław University of Economics. Graduate of the Catholic University in Lublin.

The organizer of the largest Real Estate Investment Conference in Poland – WIWN Marathon® www.maratonwiwn.pl, which was attended by 1,100 investors in January 2018 and took place in the lecture hall of the Medical University of Łódź. He is also the long-term President of the Management Board of Piotrowska 270 Housing Association (a 16 storey building in Łódź).

Wojciech Orzechowski - Mentor. Rentier. Autor książek.

With the help of Wojciech Orzechowski’s knowledge and personal assistance, a few hundred investors have already completed projects in which each generated profits that significantly exceeded the assumed goal (an average profit of 32,000 PLN per investment).

Every day he solves complicated issues and willingly shares his knowledge and experience with others. After many years of successfully investing on the Polish market, he devised an effective Invest in Real Estate Strategy thanks to which his group of investors is able to systematically reach record profits and increase their capital each year, with the goal to become financially free within 6 years.

purchased properties
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To date, workshop participants have purchased 300 properties, of which 267 have already been sold (data for May 2018). The largest profit made on one property was 130,000 PLN. The highest amount of properties purchased by one participant within 2.5 years was 50 (this number was not used in the statistics above). Just this year 60 people began the 2nd stage of the WIWN® workshops and began renovating their properties. The above data shows that only 0.7 % of all transactions did not work out.

The total value of the investments made personally by Wojciech Orzechowski or his company for the 2nd quarter of 2018 amounts to over 30 million PLN. You will find out more listening to the videos below.

If you have over 100,000 PLN of free capital and you want it to work well, write to info@wiwn.pl

“Make Money on Real Estate” will also help you understand how to finance real estate investments so that your investments are safe, effective and always successful!

This book answers the most frequent questions asked by most beginning investors when they start their adventure on the real estate market. Thanks to this, the information he shares is fully reflected in practical experience.


Wojciech Orzechowski WIWN® – True Story

Find out about Wojciech Orzechowski’s true story & his Invest in Real Estate Workshops. Who is Wojtek and what are the WIWN® workshops? How did he begin to invest in real estate? Is investing in real estate also for you?

Forecast for the Polish real estate market – Wojciech Orzechowski at Polsat News

What is the current situation on the Polish real estate market? Do we have a speculative bubble? Is it profitable to invest? These and other questions are answered by the investor, real estate expert Wojciech Orzechowski, in the “Business and information” program on the Polsat News channel in an interview with Robert Bernatowicz.

See me on TV in „Dzień dobry TVN”.

How to make money on real estate – listen to Wojciech Orzechowski in the popular Polish TV programme “Dzień Dobry TVN” (6th December).

Listen to an audition with me on air at radio Czwórka

On Monday 19th of June 2017 I had the privilege of participating in a discussion on air at the headquarters of radio Czwórka. We talked about my business history, about how I went bankrupt and later got out of debt, but also about my current activity which is investing in real estate. You can listen to the entire recording on my blog and on our YouTube channel. (Currently available in Polish only).

See an interview with me during the program Business News in Polsat News


I appeared in the programme Biznes Informacje on the Polsat News channel. We talked about the current situation on the real estate market.

Watch material from the speech

See my speech at Expo FxCuffs 2017 in Kraków

My speech as an expert on real estate issues, creator of the Invest in Real Estate Workshops during the largest investment convention in Central and Eastern Europe which took place in Cracow and hosted around 3,000 people! The topic of my presentation was the most effective strategy for investing in real estate – why those who invest in financial markets should become interested in real estate.

Domo+ TV visited our Invest in Real Estate Workshops

Domo+ TV visited our Invest in Real Estate Workshops WIWN.pl®. These workshops authored by Wojciech Orzechowski are for all those who want to learn how to invest in real estate effectively starting from the basics and receive 100% profit annually.

How to double your savings in one year?

How to double your savings in one year?

Is the real estate market in Poland still attractive?

Is the real estate market in Poland still attractive?

Wojciech Orzechowski WIWN® – True Story

Find out about Wojciech Orzechowski’s true story & his Invest in Real Estate Workshops. Who is Wojtek and what are the WIWN® workshops? How did he begin to invest in real estate? Is investing in real estate also for you?

The workshops last 1 year, which is your practical work out in the field. You will receive all the knowledge you need to know and put it into practice straight away. This is a unique training course, incomparable to any other on the market. I am a pioneer in this field. 150 trained investors are already working all around Poland. These persons are successful in investing. You will not be left with any question unanswered. You will receive exact instructions of how to act and the possibility of solving every problem you may face, as it appears.

If you are interested in participating in the 1 year long mentoring program, during which you will make your first investment with me, request the survey, on the basis of which I will prepare an offer for you.


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